Whanin's Growth Originates from Research & Development.

Pursuing wider vision through extraordinary perspective and faster progress, the starting point of We lies in Research and Development.

Whanin seeks to strengthen its expertise in R&D through relentless passion and devotion to diverse studies of outstanding researchers with master’s and doctor‘s degrees gathered under the goal of ‘healthy society without disease', and is sparing no efforts to produce medications with outstanding efficacy and excellent safety by designing and discovering differentiated technologies on innovative new medications, first generics, incrementally modified drugs and injections based on cutting edge research facility.

Our core research direction focuses on the development of innovative new medication through C&D (Connect & Development). The company focuses its capacities in developing innovative new medications not only in its main field of CNS but also over the entire sphere of health care, by adopting products, original technologies and ideas through multiple joint ventures and academic collaboration, and selecting and verifying lead compound using cutting-edge Risk Management system.

Generics and Incrementally Modified Drugs Sectors are also contributing to our growth as a pharmaceutical company with rapid product development and competitiveness in entry into the global market through active coordination with overseas platforms, commercialization technologies with competitiveness in the global market and advanced GxP level CDMO, based on active R&D investment with Open Innovation.